Multi-directional Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online or offline business. Without traffic, you will have no business, no sales or even people to promote, which is why advertising encompasses so many different avenues.

Sources of Traffic

There are many different ways to get traffic to your business. The more sources you use, the higher your chances of being successful.

You have to remember that your business is the size of an ant in comparison to the number of businesses online. All of these businesses are competing against each other for the user’s attention.

I like to think of traffic as being this giant spider, where your business is the body with eight legs sticking out and each leg representing a form of traffic.

As a business, you can earn traffic by:

  • blogging
  • using banners
  • using splash pages
  • posting images
  • social media marketing
  • ad swaps/shares
  • curating content on other sites
  • word of mouth
  • traffic exchanges
  • email marketing
  • forums
  • RSS linking
  • visibility marketing/local participation
  • Google Adsense
  • Video marketing
  • Pay per click/pay per reading
  • Autobots/backlinks

The most important methods of marketing to get traffic is blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, traffic exchanges and video marketing.

The more visible your business is the higher the probability that you will begin to earn income. The work is in developing as many different traffic avenues as possible and maintaining each over a long period of time. Your best plan of attack is to master each different type of traffic before moving to the next one. Affiliate marketing is well known for getting people to step outside of their comfort zones. When your brain says “I can’t do this”? that is when you really need to step up and tackle the chore head-on. You will amaze yourself, at what you can do, if you allow yourself the chance. They did not build Rome in a day, and doing a few hours of work on your business each day, will lead you to your destination.


It takes time dedication and commitment to building a business to reach your desired financial goals. Like any business, you should always include a few charity type activities within your community as this can greatly improve your social standings in your community and for your business.

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