A very easy to use HTML cleaner that you can use to remove unwanted coding in a page or document. Simple paste and edit. A handy resource available online. No download required.

This WYSIWYG editor is my favorite as you can build complete pages utilizing the editors above for smaller pieces and adding them to your page.

Every programmer has their favorite for editing page code. This one is called Brackets, and it is a download that is upgraded often. It also has a visual editor so you can see your work develop as you build it. Very handy for PLR work.

This is another very handy editor that gives you coding to help you along. Great for small projects as there is no save functions. Code and add to Note ++ is how I use this.

Notepad++ is probably the most popular of all the editors out there to easily build and edit web pages on the fly. Download and install.

If forums are your thing and you wish to place links in a bulletin board styled forum then this daring will convert your HTML links into bbcode.

Writing Tools

Writing emails has never been so easy with this spam checker site, that can tell you whether or not your emails will pass the spam checkers.

If you use old plr articles to write content for your blog then you should check it for plagiarism before posting to your site. It is also handy if you are re-writing articles to post in other sources.

If you think that you are a good writer, get Grammarly and test it out. It will sniff out your mistakes and save you tons of time re-reading and writing. Even the free version will improve your writing skills.


This site has a great little online editor that really helps in the SEO department as it has editors for passive voice, sentence restructuring and overuse of adverbs

I stumble on this site the other day and it’s called Keywords Everywhere and it helps you to find keywords for your writing and possibly for Google Adsense.

Video Helpers

A resource list of editors, writing tools, video helpers for affiliate marketers, bloggers and business owners. Easily promote, no design skills needed.

Online Video Converter can convert video links and files into the most popular formats for you to use in many of your projects. It also comes with a video recorder.

Microsoft Photos app available in the MSN store also makes videos using your photos and videos with lots of extra features like 3d and audio.

This is my favourite site for resizing images and I often use it with other programs when I am creating new pages. Image Resizer is a powerful little program that will make a difference to your workflow.

I love this site because you can have lots of fun creating new and interesting animated gifs for all your projects. Get started by visiting Gif Maker

more to come…stay tuned!

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