Hi there, I’m Florence – I am the Owner/Author of Corner to Corner

I could say that we are in control of our own Destiny but I know this is not true. Everyone has their moments in life where we brush shoulders with the angels and you get sent back to do pennance, and I am no exception.

Now that my family is grown, I have chosen to share my years of knowledge and wisdom of affiliate marketing with you. Most of what I will share is common sense and practical, but I also have technical skills in designing, blogging and social media.

You see, I was there near the beginning of the Internet Revolution, when Windows 3 first launched in 1992 and CompuServe’s AOL and Netscape landed in everyone’s living room. I was and I am still part of the technology boom.

I vividly recall spending hours soaking up all the information,packing nuggets away for future use, taking classes at the local high school and eventually landing in an Entrepreneurship program at our local college.

Sadly, even with all the knowledge, it still left me at the mercy of many scam artists (some who are still going strong after nearly 20 years ). Once they find a good income earner, they just keep resurrecting it with new shiny bobbles and market it once more… Did you catch that? Resurrected or nowadays it’s called repurposing old content into new saleable content for the sole purpose of making a sale or conversion.

Every industry has it darker side and the internet is no different and each one of us needs to adhere to the one golden rule which is: “If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is just that – to good to be true!”

How will this site help you? If want to learn how to start a blog, how to market your affiliate links, make landing pages, or how to build a funnel, then this site is for you. If you have any questions on how to do something, just shoot me an email or text and I will do my best to help you out.

Will you make money by following my blog? Possibly, but you see that is up to you! I can tell, and talk to infinity. What counts is what you want, how you use the information and if you act upon it, seeing it through till you have arrived at where you want to be.

Affiliate marketing is like raising children, if you don’t nurture it, feed it, groom it, it won’t grow.

I have met some amazing people who taught me one fundamental thing – believe in yourself, believe in what you are doing and do not give up until it gives back.

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