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Advertising in emails is the debate. Is it or is it not acceptable to place advertisements in your outgoing mail. I use an email signature, which contains an ad, and find that this is a very effective and non-intrusive method of advertising. Others use Google Adsense or Taboola and place paid ads in their emails. The debate of whether it is or is not acceptable to use advertising in emails is a very hot topic that many marketers struggle with. What are your thoughts on the topic?

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Many internet marketers favor advertisements in their emails because it increases their sales. Other internet marketers state that advertisements detract from the main message. Still, other marketers remain neutral on the subject of advertising in emails. This article will take a look at both sides of the argument and allow you the reader to form your own opinion.

Support The Idea

When it comes to online marketing, advertising revenue is a great way to increase one’s profit. If you must email to a list, why not take advantage of the real estate and earn from the advertising. It is like getting paid to send out emails while waiting for a response from your list offers.

Spam icon purpose is to make people aware that they should not spam other people with out consent.

Against The Idea

On the other side are those who are firmly against advertisements as they make the emails appear to be spam. This group of marketers believes that only ads offered by the sender appear in emails. Advertising spots for businesses who have paid should not appear in emails.

Google AdSense is a great way to earn income by placing ad code in your emails

Neutral to the Idea

Marketers who are on the fence believe that it is acceptable to use ads providing that the ad does not overshadow the original email.

The middle of the road idea is one of judgment and common sense. If one can control the type of ad that appears in the email, then there is no reason to not use ads.


This article is vague by intention, in order for you the reader to form your own opinion. This is important because the subject is a matter of personal preference. Each reader must decide for themselves where they stand on the subject of ads in emails.

Consumers may have a different opinion than that of a marketer. For instance, a consumer may view ads in emails as an intrusive sales tactic. This may cause them to not open future emails or to unsubscribe from the list completely.

Yet marketers may be more apt to accept paid advertising because of the financial gain. The loss of a lead or customer is minimal to that of financial gains.

When evaluating opinions it is important to note the position of the person providing the opinion. Are they an advertiser or are they a consumer?

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