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My progress on ClickTrackProfit has brought me to a new and different blogging site located on a blockchain. So, here we are TGIF and another week of affiliate marketing coming to an end. What’s new? This blog post…Yes, I am using Engrave to write this blog post. This is my first post from this platform so we will see how well it works out. Engrave is located on the Steem blockchain where marketers can blog, comment and earn.

What I do like is that it does have an editor, just like other blog platforms so you can easily add H1 tags, CSS code, blockquotes, alignment, images, links and the all-important undo buttons. Yeah, I think I like this better than the CTPtalk blog window. You can do much more with this.

Anyways, I got off topic there but we will swing back to CTP. This is an image of my progress on the CTP dashboard after 7 weeks.

My CTP Dashboard

My CTP Dashboard image shows my progress over the last two months on ClickTrackProfit

I achieve these results by participating in the Scavenger Hunt every day, doing the “End Of Summer” badge hunt and just following the instructions and doing the tasks. My traffic exchange surfing was mostly internal but I do have a few upgrades at other exchanges that I use daily.

As I said before I was away for a bit from affiliate marketing so I am just getting started really as I have done little in the Email Marketing department. Starting next week, I will be starting my email campaigns and tracking everything I do.

From the CTP dashboard, if you click on the “Account” and then “Ranks” you can move up in your CTP ranking which tracks your progress through the program at CTP

So after doing the above, this is what my ranking looks like afterward:

After Ranking

One of my indicators is now finished and unless more is added to the platform, I have reached the maximum that I can go. This does not mean I am finished, there is lots more to be done here, and truly only actual earnings can determine the outcome. In affiliate marketing you are always tweaking and improving your skills, working toward your goals. When you reach one goal, you move on to the next or set a new one.

In a few days, the current Badge Hunt will end and this is the progress I made with the two badges I purchased. One was placed on my WordPress blog “Corner To Corner” and the other one was placed in my autoresponder letter series

My Badges

As you can see 85 people collected by blog badge and 31 collected my email badge. What is also good to note here is that my blog also has 335 blog subscribers. So from this campaign, I gained 451 new leads from one $10.00 purchase. As you can see my progress on ClickTrackProfit has been well progressive. Was it worth it? You bet it was….you do the CTR math.

I know that there are many other marketers out there that use the Steem platform to build your business, but do not forget about the 9 billion people that have yet to discover Steem. You can only reach these people using external sources and getting the word out.

Speaking about words and voice is this thought and it goes like this: The greater our collective voices are the easier it will be to be heard, and since the media channels we now have are being restricted in what we can say, our only solution is to use platforms like Steem. I am grateful for the introduction to the Steem platform and for my progress at ClickTrackProfit….have a great weekend!

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