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Listed below are some of the oldest and best traffic exchanges available online. There are thousands to choose from and each one is as unique as the next. Some have revenue share, bitcoin, games, branding, list building etc., to assist marketers in promoting their online businesses.

Most links that you will view will be those from other traffic exchanges as each TE has its own affiliate program that will allow users to earn income from referring new members to their sites. On some sites, this may be a one time only occurrence or it can also be recurring income.

If you are wishing to advertise say a blog post, then it is best to make a splash page that leads to the blog post. The splash page can capture the visitor’s information as well as increasing your blog traffic. I do not recommend that you market your entire site in a TE as Google frowns on this and may later penalize you for it. This later method of using splash pages/capture/lead pages as they are called will build you a list of people interested in what you are doing online.

It also builds your reputation online and helps people to get to know you and it is through these methods that you will soon experience success.

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Markethive is the first market network to be built on the blockchain and has the power of Linkedin, Amazon and Marketo

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